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OK, you want to buy a flashlight?  Well there are a couple of ways you can go.  First you can just grab something and run with it without regards to what you really have or don't have.  Second, you could simply buy the brand you may be accustomed to and still not know what you have or don't have.  Or, you could simply purchase the cheapest thing you can get your hands on and let it go at that.  But we must remember, all LED Flashlights are not created equal.  These three ways to make a purchase are generally considered a big mistake and may likely end up as simply a "dead battery holder".

The good news is that at High Performance LED On-Line we can help you find the right LED Flashlight to meet your needs.  All you need do is follow a few simple suggestions below and you can avoid disappointment and have the the personal LED lighting device that you can rely on and depend upon for many years to come.


  • If the most prominent indication either on the product packaging or some kind of advertising is "X Watts", you shoud be aware of what this means .  While this is likely an honest claim, it has little or nothing to do with the performance of the LED Flashlight.  Watts is a measure of power consumption only calculated by amps x volts=watts and by no means tells anyone how much light it will produce.
  • If the LED Flashlight packaging or other advertising indicates it is x times brighter you should first wonder brighter than what?  It is likely again an honest claim against some comparison but not likely to tell you what kind of performance to expect.
  • If the LED Flashlight touts how many LED's it has, this is by no means any way to tell you what kind of performance you will receive and should not be considered a good indicator of something to buy.  Besides, the more LED's a device has, the more power it requires and therefore a shorter battery life.

You now have a couple of simple cautions to look for.  But now it is time to provide you some suggestions as to what you want to look for in order that you can find just the right technologically advanced LED Flashlight.  We do not believe anyone should have to have a degree in engineering to compare the various LED Flashlights available so we offer a few simple things to look for as you make your purchasing decision.


  • Compare Lumens indicated.  This will be a consistent measurement of how much light a particular LED Flashlight will emit.
  • Compare battery life.  Now here it can get a bit tricky since many of the LED Flashlights today have multiple light settings and not all manufacturers will calculate this in the same manner.  Let me give you an example.  Let's say the LED Flashlight you are looking at has 3 light settings- low, medium, high and let's say the indicated lumens are - 5,30, 90 lumens respectively and that at 5 lumens the batteries will last 100 hours but at 90 lumens it will last 2 hours.  The only way you will get a long battery life is to just use the low setting which is not much light at all so you might have think about this a little bit to really figure this out for your particular situation.
  • Look at the indicated effective range of the light emitted.  Remember, effective range is different from a statement made about how far it can be seen from such as perhaps a signal light.
  • Consider the dimensions of the LED Flashlight.  A larger head diameter will tell you it will have a broader light emission (big light).
  • While price can be some indication of performance it should not substitute for indicated specifications.
  • Look to see what kind of battery the LED Flashlight needs.  You will be far better off with standard, easy to get and inexpensive batteries and we would recommend staying away from any LED Flashlight which requires a more unusual and harder to find battery which is likely more expensive.
  • Consider carefully the choice between a rechargeable LED Flashlight and a replaceable battery type LED Flashlight.  With the long battery life you expect for the best technologically advanced LED Flashlights, you might want to consider putting money you might have spent on a rechargeable unit to a higher performing  replaceable battery model.

We hope these suggestions help make your buying decision just a little easier and invite you to check out our wide variety of technologically advanced high performance LED Flashlights.  Just select the one that best meets your needs and enjoy!

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